We’ll let you know all about us and how we operate but first a few facts about this new world that you can find in a social networking site!

In this fast era it has become necessary, even mandatory to access information and knowledge using technical skills, especially for people who are generally broad minded and supportive of social connecting.

Do you ever think about the fact of what really is social media’s point and how would it ever help you at all? It actually does help you in countless ways; it is an online service, site, platform focusing briefly on connecting people with similar interests, backgrounds, obsessions, tastes, real life connections and activities. Much of the social media pages provide you with a web-based means for its users to socialize and interact over the internet through chat, email and instant messaging. The main objective of social media sites is to encourage its users to share events, pictures, ideas, views, activities and culture through their personal network.

Among the many things social media offers to users, creativity is perhaps the most alluring. In the broader sense, social media can be defined as a medium of feelings, ideas, and conversations; these are interactions between the people who absorb it without knowing. Conversations, pictures are little things that may not seem important, these eventually add to your broadened perspective, knowledge, vocabulary and a greater imagination.

Social media nourishes your creativity to a great degree, interaction with other internet users helps you receive knowledge and experience of handling viruses, bugs and formatting problems to name but a few.

All of these advantages are offered in our new social media website GOALCHIEVER; it’s a brand new, amazing site with countless things to do! Everyone can join in without an age limit, from any place in the world and guess what?  It’s free!! 

How Goalcheiver works!

 GOALCHIEVER provides you with every possible way to share your mind and views. You can add your friends, family or make new ones by sending a friend request; people you have added are called ‘Buddies’.  If you want you can share anything with your buddies and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it, you can customize the settings and chose who can see what. 


GOALCHIEVER is more than just a social networking site, it’s a whole community of friends and people you know and want to know. You are provided with different rooms for your different interests, unlike Facebook & twitter you won’t have to search for hours and get confused in the end. In GOALCHIEVER you just go to the room you’re interested in and BAM! You find your treasure! 


Search Goals and achievements

You can also get your search through the goals and achievement menu! Just mention the goals and achievements you have accomplished or want to accomplish and you can search similar things by them popping up as suggestions making your search easier and also giving you a chance to know more about other buddies’ interest. This Goals menu would make it easier for you to know your friends interest and aims and likewise for them.

This image shows you the interesting homepage and different menus on this exciting new site!



This image is explains you the functioning and menus of Goalchiever, on home you will get your updates about everything. Your profile is your carries your interactions and personal interests in buddies menu you can browse through all your friends, in rooms you have different blogs and discussions set for events, places, people etc. On videos you can share your videos and browse some that your buddies added or search for the ones you want to watch. On the events menu you will have an update about all the currents, upcoming happening around the globe. On the tips menu you can provide and browse through any tips present on the GOALCHIEVER.

Apart from random and usual updates you can now easily share your pictures, videos, upcoming events you want everyone to know about. And that’s not all, now you won’t have to share links for your articles, hobbies, news, discussions. You are provided with a room for each different interest that is visible to anyone who adds you as buddies. So good bye embarrassing sharing!  


How to submit a tip blog

You can also make blogs with tips and anything at all you want to add. Why go to different sites for different functions and waste time when you can do that all in just one, GOALCHIEVER?

The search engine on this site is more advanced than all the other networking sites. If you are looking for someone but know nothing about them, all you have to do is either add the name of their school, college, workplace and they will POP UP! 

And if you don’t even know that, you can still search for them, you just simply add their home town, current city, email, mobile number, and website. Anything will assist you find them. You can include your habits, goals and plans and who knows a buddy might help you achieve it?

You can do much more on this exciting new social networking site GOALCHIEVER, so sign up immediately and don’t miss out on the fun.