Welcome to Goalchiever!
Your social media network for goal setting, tracking and achievement
At Goalchiever, you will find a positive environment that makes it easier than ever for you to set goals and stick to them. And, Goalchiever gives you a ready-made, goal-oriented community with people that can support you, keep you going when the going gets tough and celebrate your successes right along with you.

The Goalchiever difference
Goalchiever is more than “just” a social media site. Sure, we allow you to connect with other people all over the place, share information, photos, videos and comments. But, there’s more.
At Goalchiever, you can learn more about how to effectively set or achieve your goals and can even track your progress. The ability to see your bar get closer to 100% can be quite motivating indeed. Our unique news section gives you information from around the globe related to goal setting, positive habit formation and accomplishments. You can read about others’ challenges, failures and successes—and learn from them all.
Some of our features include:

  • Easy goal setting
  • Goal monitoring and tracking
  • A positive, achievement-minded community
  • Fun and simple social sharing of content, including videos and images
  • Informational and educational news items, articles and blogs

No matter what type of goals you have, you can set it—and achieve it—within your Goalchiever community.  Whether you want to run your first marathon or make your first million, we are here for you.

Yes, it’s free!
Our site is always free to use. All you have to do is sign up and you can start setting—and achieving—your goals today!